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This website contains up-to-date Information, photographs, help, tips and travel advice about Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel and Villas and its surrounding areas, as well as a detailed & illustrated page on excursions offered by your on-resort travel rep & other small excursions available to you.  Please use the menu bar on the top left of this page to navigate your way around.




Having spent many years returning to Guardalavaca and the Brisas Hotel, and also being an active member of Tripadvisors' Cuba Forum where I have repeatedly answered many questions for more than 8 years; I have been inspired to make my own web pages where I can share my knowledge and experiences of Brisas and its surrounding areas with everyone without having to repeat myself (lol) or have limitations imposed on what I can and can't write.

I hope that you will find the answers to all of your questions here and that I will help you to make a decision on whether to make Brisas your choice for your Cuba holiday, if you have any further questions please feel free to use the email address provided on each page for your enquiries.


If you travel to Brisas, would you be kind enough to come back here after your vacation and leave your comments about your stay at Brisas on the Guestbook page of this website. it is not necessary for you to post your email address even though the page asks for it. just click on the "New Entry" tab write you comments and then click "send entry" ...its easy !!  ... Many thanks in advance.


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A Quick Introduction To Brisas Guardalavaca


Brisas Resort boasts the best location of all the hotels in the Holguin region.  At Brisas you are at liberty to freely walk off resort and explore the locality of Guardalavaca;  a privilege that NO other Holguin resort (apart from the Amigo) offers its clients due to their locations in more remote areas which require transport to get you from A to B. 

Brisas is ideally situated in a prime location in the heart of Guardalavaca village and is set on its own stretch of beach right on the edge of soft powder like white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters.  Immediately off shore coral reefs are plentiful and offer hours of snorkelling for those who like to spend time on the top of the water during their vacation. Brisas resort has everything to offer its visitors. 



   Hotel Pool and Stage Area






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All quotations are for a fully bonded Thomas Cook Package Holiday


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The Brisas Resort is made up of two sections, The Villas and the Hotel.  Guests of each section have full use of the entire resort and its facilities.  





The Hotel Section  
Hotel rooms line the beautiful, well maintained palm fringed gardens & swimming pool area. The hotel is only separated from the beach by a small boardwalk.  
Brisas is literally on the beach!
 small and compact with everything just a stones’ throw from one another, its ideal for people with mobility restrictions and wheelchair users.   


Hotel and Villas have limited disabled adapted rooms - both sections are extremely wheelchair friendly.



 The Villa Section  
is built around large sprawling pools, starting at ankle depth the pools are ideal for families with  small children. The Villa section offers peace & tranquility away from the more livlier hotel side of the complex.
Villa rooms are more spacious than hotel rooms with the Villa suites being the most spacious rooms on resort; ideal for families or those seeking a little more space. The Villa section is compact and almost on the beach! 







 Kids Club
is situated in the far side of the villas and offers its services for the benefit of children between the ages of 4 & 12 years of age.  













For the more energetic; Brisas offers clients the use of its in-house Gym and also offers a varied daily activities programme for the whole family to join in and have fun.















(Hope you like reading and don't get bored



The Hotel Rooms
are spread acro
ss 5 floors (with lifts),
The Garden View rooms look out to the front of the hotel and have a
pleasant countryside view rather than garden view, these rooms are the quiet rooms in the hotel section. 

The ocean view rooms have a most amazing view over the pool area, the beach and the ocean, one can sit in bed and admire the spectacular view; the only possible downside is that if you like to retire early you may be able to hear the nightly entertainment until 11pm . 
                              Typical view from an Ocean View Hotel Room                

During peak season (specifically March/early April) you may be able to hear the crowds that congregate in the 24hr bar until the small hours but note I use the word “may” it just depends on the rowdiness of the clientelle at the time.

Hotel rooms are adequate for two adults but three can be a bit of a squeeze; so for this reason it would be worth considering a villa suite. Hotel rooms either have large twin beds or a King bed & temperature controlled air conditioning/heating, if you don’t understand the system and find your room too cold/warm then ask your maid for advice. 

Hotel rooms contain a safe, mini fridge (stocked with water only), coffee maker, satellite TV, hair dryer, writing desk/dressing table & mirror, bedside cabinets with bedside lamps & electrical sockets; two comfy chairs, large dress mirror.  The large wardrobe/closet has ample hanging space and also contains a 4 drawer chest, shoe rack & shelved unit 

All hotel rooms have a balcony with two recliner chairs and small drinks table.  



****There are some inter-connecting rooms within the hotel which are ideal for families that do not wish to be completely seperated from one another by being placed in 2 NON-connecting rooms these are ONLY available on a request basis, they can NOT be booked.




The Villa Section 
is a little more spread out than the hotel and located almost on the beach. The villas are housed in two and three storey buildings around the villa section.  You can choose from a standard villa, villa mini suite or
a villa suite.   The mini suites/family rooms are much roomier than the standard villa & hotel rooms and are ideal for families or three persons sharing a room. 


A villa mini suite offers a bit of privacy to families, there is a small lattice-work partition across the king bed sleeping area which effectively separates the bedroom from the furnished lounge area where children’s/extra adult beds will be allocated.  There is a separate dressing area with a large drawered unit with mirror and electrical sockets, the large wardrobe/closet has ample hanging space and also contains a 4 drawer chest, shoe rack, shelved unit and a safe.  You will also have a coffee maker & Mini Fridge (stocked with water only).  Bathrooms are larger than a standard villa bathroom.  


All 1st and 2nd floor Villas have a balcony with 2 recliner chairs and small drinks table.  Ground floor Villas have a small outside patio with patio table and chairs. 

Villa rooms and Villa suites either have large twin beds or king bed & temperature controlled air conditioning/heating.  If you don’t understand the system and find your room too cold/warm then ask your maid for advice. 


* If you are having older children stay with you then you may wish to contact the resort and ask for adult beds to be placed in your room as the average child bed is more liken to a wooden camp bed with matress.



**Some Hotel rooms (on all levels) and Villa rooms (on 3rd floor) have inter-connecting rooms which offer family safety and peace of mind; these and the villa suite rooms (second level) are sometimes "sold" as family rooms by Travel Agents.  



*** NB.For reasons of safety; since late 2011; Some Travel Agents will not allow children to be housed in higher level Hotel Rooms or Villas.




 Villas Explained:-


 Some Villa Blocks are 2 villas high and some are 3 villas high.  Some have ocean views and others have either garden view/pool view.  You can not purchase an ocean view villa, though you can request one
PLEASE NOTE:- All requests for upgrades or specific room types will be met with a generic reply stating "we will do our best" - The hotel will NEVER make any guarantees to client requests.


Standard Villa Rooms are mostly situated on groundfloor level & 3rd floor levels. 


Inter-connecting Villas ~  All 3rd floor Standard Villa rooms have rooms that can internally-connect.  These rooms will only be allocated as Inter-connecting rooms subject to prior request; or, if sold as a family room by an Agent;  without prior request these rooms will be allocated as a standard villa and will not have the inter-connecting facility enabled. 

ALL Villa Mini Suites ~
 are situated on the second floor level ~ A mini suite is a huge room (some have central room divider; essentially making a living area and a sleeping area). Mini suites have a seperate dressing area and a larger bathroom than standard Villas ~ Villa mini suite rooms are adequately big enough to have extra beds added to the living area for families with children or for a 3rd Adult; the living area features furniture for comfortable seating.

     ** Children are permitted in higher level villas subject to the contract **             with the clients Tour Operator


Please remember that due to natural humidity; rooms that have been unoccupied with no Air Conditioning running can have a tendency to smell "musty". Once in your room turn the aircon on (zero) high cold (not high heat) and allow to run for some time to clear the "smell".  It is also natural and unavoidable for your bed covers and clothes to feel "damp" if you continually leave your aircon running or run your aircon for long periods of time, and especially if you have your aircon running and balcony doors open as this will cause a "condensation" effect in your room producing dampness. To help eliminate dampness in clothes try to keep closet/cupboard doors closed at all times.
Brisas has won many awards for being a major player in "Eco Tourism", in view of this they request that you personally take the decision as to when you want your towels and bedding changed. They ask that you only request changes when really necessary in a bid to do your bit for the environment... Please only have linen or towel changes if really neccessary.... Thank you

LINEN CHANGE:- If you would like your bedding changed then you must place the relevant request card on your bed for your Maid to see, cards can usually be found on the bedside table or on your desk. ....... Do not leave anything on your bed or this could be determined to be a tip for your Maid.


TOWEL CHANGE:-  If you would like your room towels changed then you should pitch your dirty towels and bath mats in the bath tub and your Maid will change like for like. Please only send items that need to be laundered and retain your towels that can continue to be used.


MAINTAINENCE ISSUES:-  If you have any maintenance issues either speak to you maid or fill in the relevant form which can be found in the folder on your desk and leave it for your Maid to find.


MINI FRIDGE:-  Is stocked with one bottle of water only.  You can refill the bottle with drinking water at any of the resort bars or you can purchase bottled water from the hotel/villa/local shops.







OPTIONS:-   Brisas offers you multiple dining options, the villa section has its own buffet restaurant as does the hotel.   However; during low season buffet restaurants may alternate for evening dinner or could be restricted to the opening of the Hotel buffet restaurant only;   this should not cause any inconvenience as the hotel is only a short cut across the tennis courts from the villas. 



A la Carte Restaurants ~ There are 6 A la Carte Restaurants available, Italian, Seafood, Cuban, Kebab (seasonal), Buccanero and the International Restaurant.  You can Request the Sommelier service in any of the A La Carte Restaurants if you would like to purchase a fine wine to accompany your meal.  


Dress Code In The A La Carte Restaurants ~ Smart dress is required in all A La Carte Restaurants, men are requested to wear long trousers, collared shirt and dress shoes. 

 ¾ length trousers; open collared shirt and smart sandals are acceptable if you really must ignore the dress code. 


Dress Code In The Buffet Restaurants ~ In the buffet restaurants; casual dress is the order of the day, it is acceptable to wear shorts, Tee shirts & sandals/flip-flops into the buffet for evening dinner but swimwear is not acceptable.  Footwear and Shirts/T-Shirts must be worn at all times in the dining rooms.





Guests are entitled to make 3 a la carte restaurant reservations for each week they stay at Brisas.  Reservations should be made at the Reservations Desk outside of the Hotel buffet restaurant on the ground floor level.  The reservation week runs from Saturday to Saturday.  The a la carte restaurants form part of the All-Inclusive services and are free of charge; although tipping for the good service you will receive would be deemed appropriate.






El Zaguan (Villa buffet restaurant), opens daily; Breakfast Buffet 7-10am.  A La Carte lunches 12.00-2.30pm.  A La Carte/Kebab Restaurant 6.00pm - 9.30pm.... arrangements can vary subject to occupation levels during high/low season. 

During the low season (May to September) this buffet may close completely or open on alternate evenings dependent upon occupation levels within the Villa complex; guests will use the services of the hotel buffet restaurant when El Zaguan is closed ~ Its just a short walk across the Tennis courts to the hotel side. 




Villa Buffet Restaurant  




El Zaguan is the name of the villa buffet restaurant ~ El Zaguan is open for buffet style breakfastas, menu-style lunches and then operates as an A La Carte Kebab restaurant during its evening hours.. However; if resort clientelle occupation levels are high El Zaguan will automatically revert to a buffet restaurant 3 x daily to satisfy client dining facility demand. 



La Trattoria  (Italian restaurant ~ Hotel)  Opens x6 evenings per week; 6.00pm to 9.30pm - Reservations Required.  Serving various dishes of meat, fish, pasta and salads.  Good fillet mignon served here.






El Patio de los Artistas (Seafood Restaurant-Villa Section) offers late breakfasts and lunches/snacks menu-style from 10am – 4pm; inside or outside dining options with stunning views.   At 6pm it converts to the Seafood Restaurant for "reservation only" dining until 11pm.  Guests can still use the bar services during the A La Carte hours but are requested to use the outside seating which offers great views of the beach and ocean.  Have your camera ready and watch the sun set over the ocean whilst having a drink here.



 Seafood Restaurant with ocean views




El Guayabero (Cuban Restaurant) ~ situated to the side of the 24hr bar:- Serves breakfasts and lunches menu-style from 7am - 2.30pm then re-opens at 6pm for reserved dining. Friendly waiter service.   Great views over-looking the beach and ocean. 




View from the Cuban Restaurant 





The Bucanero Tavern - Villa section ~ Air conditioned -  A varied menu - 6.00pm - 21.30pm 






The International Restaurant - villa section ~ A Varied Menu is offered.  6.00pm - 21.30pm (air conditioned).  

This restaurant may also be reserved for Private Functions/Groups/Parties/Weddings/Birthdays etc.  Cost is 12.50 CUC's per person





The Kebab Restaurant (seasonal) (El Zaguan/Villa Buffet).  6.00pm - 21.30pm


24hr Snack Bar ~ There is a 24hr Snack Bar that serves hotdogs, burgers, toasted sandwiches, fries and made-to-order pizzas from 11am daily.  Pizza service ceases at 4pm.  The Snack/Grill bar is situated within the outside 24hr drinks bar area which is located in the hotel section. The snack bar closes between 7pm and 10pm when the buffet restaurants are open for food. 


Doughnut Shack  ~ 

There is a freshly made doughnut stand situated around the end corner  of the  24hr Grill bar (opposite the hotel buffet restaurant but outside) ~ opening days & times are varied due to the ill health of the lady who operates the stand.


Ice Cream stand ~ situated next to the doughnut stand ( details above)





General information


Diet Drinks:-  They do have a diet coke served through the hand pump but I wouldn't depend upon it being "diet" if you are diabetic, that could be risky!

At some bars they will serve "Tu Kola lite" / "Tu Kola dietetica" from a can or bottle or you can buy your own in the hotel/villa shops or local shops... this is what you will be looking for:-


International Branded Spirits:-  Are mostly served from the Cappuccino Bar beside the Italian Restaurant, however; you will find the "odd" bottles of "selected" international spirits behind other bars.... you just have to "scan" the bar shelves to see what they have !


Please Consider that although a bar may be open until 10.30/11pm - the last staff buses from the hotel to Holguin and Banes run at 11pm so staff have to clear away and close down their bar ahead of time to enable them to catch their bus;  if they miss their bus they will not get another one until 7am, most members of staff live at least an hour drive away from the resort so walking home is not an option.  Please consider these facts before complaining or getting "assie" with bar staff because they shut the bar a little early ~ you have a 24hr bar service you can use at Brisas but they dont have a 24hr bus service!!





El Tajado (lobby bar) 
Located in the hotel beside the buffet restaurant on ground floor level, serves national and selected international branded drinks, blended cocktails and coffee.  Drinks are served in chilled glasses and may not be taken away from the bar enclosure. Talented artists perform in the lobby bar most early evenings and are not to be missed.
Open 9am-11pm









El Cappuccino 
located upstairs in

the hotel beside the Italian Restaurant, this bar is open to guests 6pm-11pm and also services the Italian Restaurant. 
Serves a wide selection of International and National drinks, delicious blended cocktails, wine, beer and coffee.







Islas Mujeres
(24hr grill bar)
located in the hotel section inside of the thatched bar/dining area (beside the swimming pool), offers national and selected international branded drinks, Buccaneero and Cristal beer, slushies, cocktails, wine coffee & tea.
Open 24hrs.












Bar Havana Club 
located on the 3rd floor, west side, of the hotel; this bar only serves drinks/cocktails containing rum; hence its name!!"
opens from 6pm to 12pm daily

















located within the hotel swimming pool this bar has both a “wet” and “dry” service area and offers beer, selected spirits, cocktails and slushies.
Open 10am - 4.30pm











El Patio de los Artistas (Seafood Restaurant) 

located in the villas beside the beach, offers national and selected international branded drinks, beers, cocktails, wine and coffee from 10am–11pm.  
El Patio has an outside seating area and offers beautiful beach and ocean views, guests can use the bar and outside seating facilities during the evening whilst the a la carte restaurant is in operation during the hours of 6pm and 11pm – a fantastic spot to watch the sun set over the ocean. Guests may also dine “el fresco” for breakfast & daytime snacks.








El Tinaja

wet and dry bar located within the villa swimming pool; guests can also access the dry bar area. Opens  9.00am-5.00pm for wet and dry bar 
re-opens 6.00pm-11.00pm dry bar only. 













Piano/Martini Bar

located in the Villa section
(opposite the bucanero and International restaurants)
open 6-10pm daily.
















Disco  “ La Dolce Vita” ~ There is a nightly disco within the hotel complex (opposite the Italian Restaurant) from 11pm–2am, music is varied but it may be an idea to download your own music onto a CD and offer that to the DJ to play.  Over 18's only.




SWIMMING POOLS ~ There are two large swimming pools, one in the villa section and one in the hotel section; each has its own swim-up bar. The villa pool is large and sprawling, starting off at ankle depth (ideal for children and toddlers) leading into other pools of up to approx 5ft in depth.  Both the villa and hotel pools have ample sunbeds.




Villa Pool



 Hotel Pool ~ Swim-up Bar in Middle - behind the Trees = wet & dry area




ACTIVITIES Brisas offers a daily activities programme; starting the day with Aqua fitness and Beach volleyball to dance lessons, Spanish lessons, table tennis, pool, darts, tennis, water polo to the varied evening entertainment of shows, bands, competitions, water ballet, musicians etc.



Games Room ~ situated in the hotel; just outside (and beside) the Lobby bar that adjoins the buffet restaurant. Includes pool table, table tennis, dart boards and dominoes etc. 


The daily activities board is displayed in the Games Room & beside the lift in the Hotel










Non-motorised water craft are available for FREE  hire including pedaloe’s, catamaran rides, Kayaking, windsurfing as well as the FREE hire of snorkelling equipment for exploration of the many coral reefs off shore, or just for fun!   There is a resort Hobie Cat/small catamaran  that is available for FREE pre-bookable rides.  **Snorkelers; if you ask the Hobie Cat guys they may take you out to a good reef for some great snorkelling..... There should be no charge for this but a gratuity would probably be expected !!








Gym  is situated in the villa section -  the gym offers a good selection of apparatus for those who feel energetic on vacation.  07.00am - 16.30pm









Tennis Courts & Basket Ball  are situated between the villa and hotel sections ~ just follow the pathway in front of the hotel buffet restaurant.   Brisas has its own Tennis Coach so be sure to ask if you would like some training or a partner to play with.




Kids Club (4-12 years) situated in the villa section.  Opens 9am - 4.30pm daily.  various activities including face painting, picnics, visit to a mini zoo, horse riding, beach and pool activities, games etc. You need to take your children to the kids club early morning (9-9.30am) before the kids are taken off for their daily activities.  





 ** Remember to take sun lotion, cover-ups and life saving aids to the Kids Club with your children and dont forget to return to your children regularly to re-apply their sun lotions, it is a parents responsibility to ensure that their children are adeqautely protected from the suns harm and that staff are given the "tools" to protect your kids whilst in their care. 






Baby Sitting Services - Are available Daytime & Evening ~ contact Public Relations in advance 






Cadeca/Money Exchange - Brisas houses its own money exchange service (8am–18.45pm) which is operated from the far end of the reception desk in the hotel, rates change daily. Be sure to exchange a little money at a time so as not to be left with too many CUC’s to re-convert at the end of your holiday as Cuban currency is useless outside of Cuba. 


Post Office service desk where you can send and receive faxes, use the telephone service or simply buy postcards and stamps.  Cuba’s mail system is very slow, it is most likely you will be home long before your postcards are ever delivered; it has been reported to have taken as long as 6 months for postcards to arrive at their destination and some have never arrived at all. 


Staying in touch with home  ~ Remember that Cuban Telecommunications are very expensive so the cheapest way to keep in contact with home is by text or email via the hotels' wifi (payable @ 2 cuc per hour).  Remember to turn off your voicemail facility on your mobile/cell phone  as you will pay for someone to leave a message and pay again for the duration of listening to the message (rates are in excess of £1.50+ a minute for English networks). Try to avoid any telephone use as it is very expensive and do NOT use your room phone as call charges are mega high.
If you need to phone home either use your mobile/cell or purchase a prepayment card at reception and use the public pre-payment phones just outside the hotel reception area beside the lift. 
Internet access & computer hire are available for use in the hotel reception area, internet vouchers for the computers can be purchased from reception at 3 cucs per half hour (£2.60), connection is slow and internet appears to work better out of normal office hours.
WIFI cards are available to purchase at the hotel reception @ 2 cuc per hour, coverage is mainly limited to the hotel reception, downstairs lobby bar and outside pool area... wifi coverage is not yet available in the villa section.



Hairdressing Salon situated in the hotel on the 2nd floor


Beauty Salon situated in the hotel on the 2nd floor, the salon offers many varied beauty & therapeutic treatments at very reasonable prices.  Open daily 9.00am - 16.30pm




Massage treatments are offered at very reasonable prices on the 2nd floor of the hotel or at the massage hut on the beach side.  Open daily 9.00am - 16.30pm


Laundry Service  costs are minimal and average 50cents to 1 CUC per garment for washing and 50cents to 1CUC for ironing.  You will find a laundry bag and form in your closet, fill in the relevant details both on the form and laundry bag and leave on your bed for the maid to collect, laundry will be returned to your room within 48hours.  *If you give your laundry to your maid early morning you will usually have it returned the next day.  
You will have an Iron and Ironing board in your closet, if they are missing then ask your maid.


Shops are situated in the Hotel and villas; generally you can purchase tee-shirts, hats, flip flops, beach toys, perfumes, toiletries, snacks, sweets/candy, beer, spirits, wine, Water, pop, cigarettes, cigars, trinkets and souvenirs but remember supply is short and selection very limited. There is a separate cigar store in the villa section that carries a wider selection of cigars than the hotel store.  Shop selection is better in the villa store too.


Bicycle Hire is free of charge and available from the front of the villas 9.00am - 16.30pm




Moped Hire is chargeable and available from the front of the Villas, find out where the local gas stations are, roads are uneven and animals and locals wander freely in the roads so be extremely cautious ~ your Travel Insurance may not cover you for moped use.


Horse Riding and Horse & Buggy Rides are chargeable and available on the opposite side of the road from the front of the complex.










Disabled Persons  
Brisas is a disabled/wheelchair friendly resort, there are disabled adapted rooms in the villa section and one in the hotel; otherwise the bathrooms are shower-over-bath bathing facilities. 

If you require a disabled suite in the villas or hotel you should contact the reservations team at Brisas as soon as you have booked your vacation, do NOT leave the arrangements to your Travel Agent.



                                                                                                             Villa Disabled Modified Bathroom


Lifts / Disabled Access:-  There are four lifts that service each hotel floor; 2 to service the right hand side hotel rooms and 2 to service the left hand side rooms, though patrons can use any lift of convenience.  The lifts on the left-hand side of the building (as you look out to sea) only go to Reception level (floor1) (or else you will end up in the Lobby Bar kitchen area (lol).  The lifts on the right-hand side of the building go right down to PB level (Basement/Groundfloor).  If you exit the lift on the PB/Basement level, just infront of you and to the right you will see a narrow alleyway/cutting; this will bring you immediately to the outisde of the hotel beside the Games Room/ Lobby bar/Grill Bar & swimming Pool area.  If you cut through the lobby bar you can access the buffet restaurant without having to use the main marble staircase ~ this is the route that guests who have difficulty with stairs or wheelchair users should use at all times. 


Bathroom towels:-   are provided in all rooms.  You will need to provide your own face cloths.

Beach towels are provided by the hotel and can be changed daily and as often as you like.  You will need to get a towel ticket from the Reception desk after your arrival and  take this to the towel hut located on the beach boardwalk between the Hotel and Villa section;  you will be given the appropriate number of towels for your family/group.  Before you check out you must return ALL of your towels to the towel stall and in return you will be given your original towel ticket which you must present on checking out.  You will be charged for lost towels @ approx 15 CUC’s each                        so look after your towels well.



A La Carte Reservations:-  

should be made at the Guest Services desk located outside of the hotel buffet restaurant ((9am–3pm); you will need to make your reservations as soon after arrival as possible to assure availability for that week.  Smart dress is required in all 5 A La Carte Restaurants, men are requested to wear long pants/trousers but smart dress shorts/ ¾ lengths; open collared shirt and smart sandals are acceptable.




Mini Fridge:-   is stocked with one bottle of water;  when you wish to replace the water you can re-fill it at the 24hr grill bar where the water is perfectly safe to drink.  OR you can purchase bottled water from the resort shops.  Do NOT drink the water from taps in your room although water should be fine for brushing your teeth.  If you leave your empty water bottle for your maid to see she may leave you a fresh one; although she is not obligated to do so.


Safe:-  If you plan on using your safe during your vacation you must purchase a locking safe barrel and key from the Reception desk.  The current charge is 2 CUC’s per day and is payable at the time of ordering.   Payment can not be added to a room account.  

Please note; It will likely be a condition of your insurance that all valuables and money are only insured against theft from your room IF they ARE kept in a lockable safe so think hard before deciding not to hire a safe.


Hairdryers:-  are provided in the bathrooms but they are not the most powerful; especially if you have thick or long hair, the bathroom gets very hot & steamy too which can help create "frizz".  Taking your own hairdryer and adaptor may be an advantage.  Remember if your appliances run at 100v electricity (Canada) you will need a converter or your will "fry" your electricals.  British electriclas are fine and use 220v, you only require an adaptor.




Late Checkout:-  Contact front desk - chargeable at 5 CUC per hour subject to room availability

Room Upgrade:-  Contact front desk 


Electricity:-  supply is 220v;  In refurbished rooms British guests will mostly require the American flat pin style adaptor although here and there you may be able to use  the round pin European style adaptor; so it may be worth taking both.   Canadians (110v) will require a converter if your appliances dont have dual power selector switch or else you will fry your gadgets!


Smoking:-  Brisas operates & enforces a no smoking policy within the confinements of its enclosed bars, restaurants and facilities.  Smoking is permitted in all "open air" facilities. 


No Smoking Rooms are available in both the hotel (rooms 350 to 370) and the villas (block 7) ~ you should request a non-smoking room prior to your arrival if required.






Lifts ~ There are 2 lifts that service each side of the hotel = 4 lifts in total, if the lifts on your side of the hotel are not working then walk through to the opposite landing and use the lifts on that side.... easy and no need to use the stairs!  Wheelchair users or people who have difficulty with stairs will need to use the lifts at the far right hand side of the hotel landings on each floor (as you look out to sea); take the lift to the PB Level (basement), as you exit the lift you will see a little alleyway/cutting (infront of you & slightly to the right) that will lead you  to the outside pool/ground level area where you will be able to access the ground level of the hotel and its amenities.


Coffee Makers ~ are provided in the rooms but you may want to take coffee whitener with you as you will need to get milk from a resort bar and store in your fridge.  Coffee supplies and paper filter supplies can be patchy so its probably best to take some coffee and whitener (or the ready mixed coffee sachets available in all supermarkets) and a travel Kettle + adaptor.



Water:-  Water & Ice from the bars are perfectly safe to drink but you should not drink the water from the taps in your room.  You will have bottled water in your fridge on arrival, when empty you can refill the bottle at any of the bars or you can order more water from your maid or purchase from the hotel shop or local shops.


Tea bags/Coffee ~ If you enjoy an English cuppa in the morning then you will need to take teabags with you, Cuban tea tastes like herbal tea.   I would also suggest taking a small travel kettle as the coffee makers dont heat the water hot enough to make a good "brew", especially if you are adding cold milk to your tea.  (You can get hot water for tea from the 24hr Grill bar). 
You can obtain milk for your drinks from most bars & store in your fridge.



Sweeteners ~If you take sweeteners you will need to take your own.


Food to take ~ It may be an idea to take some nibbles such as crackers/biscuits/pringles/chocolate etc as anything available in Cuba doesnt taste anything like ours and you will be glad of something familiar to nibble on in your room! 

 Flour wraps (Tortillas) are worth taking, they are great stuffed with salad and meat from the buffet and make a refreshing change when you are bored with buffet food, if you like salad cream or mayo on your salad you may wish to take a bottle with you.  Tobasco sauce will liven any Cuban food !!


Travelling with a baby ~ You should take all the nappies and swim nappies you are likely to need during the course of your vacation, local supplies are impossible to find and of a sub-standard quality when available.   You will need to take juices/squash for little one, all drinks are either cartoned juices or powdered mixes which are all very high in sugar content and most unsuitable for little ones.  It would also be a good idea to bring jarred/packet foods & lots of baby snacks and nibbles as Cuban cuisine is not what baby is used to & usually contains too much salt and oil for baby.

It would also be wise to bring all medications that you would need if baby was to fall under the weather on holiday.  Calpol, dioralite, rehydration preparation are a good start, if you can obtain some needles for injections they would be good to take with you as the needles in Cuba are rather "large" and uncomfortable. 

You should also bring plenty of cool clothing that will cover most of babys skin, baby will burn in the shadiest of spots so ensure little ones skin is well protected, especially face and neck when the rest of the body is covered.  A sunshade is a must for pushchairs/strollers but remember baby can still burn in the shade.  Im sure I dont need to mention you will need plenty of total sunblock cream and soothing cream in case of sunburn!! ... I have witnessed too many burnt babys and its not pleasant so please take my advice seriously.


Travelling with children ~ You will need to take all sand and beach toys and bucket & spades with you as supply can be limited in local shops.  Take any medications that you are likely to need if the kids were to fall "under the weather" on holiday, calpol, dioralite and rehydration salts are a good start.  It may also be a good idea to take sugar free squash with you if you dont want your kids continually drinking sugary juices and pop for the entire vacation.  You may want to bring some snacks and nibbles with you to keep the kids happy as Cuban ones are quite nasty tasting (lol).

Most importantly you will NEED a good supply of high factor sun lotions plus a couple of hats and short & long sleeved cover-ups for the kids to wear in & out of the water when they have had enough sun for the day.  The Cuban sun is lethal and can burn a child/adult within 15/20 minutes of unprotected exposure so it is important to ensure you regularly re-apply sun lotions and keep kids covered up in the mid-day sun when it is at its hottest.  Dont forget face and neck... and re-apply regularly as lotions can wash off in the water and with sweat... I have seen 100's of burnt children during my vacations at Brisas (especially older kids) and I have to say I know a lot of the cases were down to innocent parental neglect, your kids will not think for themselves and really need you to nag them, a burnt child is not a happy child... and nor are the   Take a good cream for sunburn, I can guarantee your kids (and you) will get too much sun at some point during your holiday!! 


Mosquito's ~  Arent usually too much of a problem at Brisas simply because Brisas is right beside the ocean and benefits from the sea breezes,  however you will still get mosquitos at some point of the night/day.  You may also need a  repellant when out on excursions etc so its up to the individual to go prepared.   Dont leave balcony doors open in the early morning or after late afternoon as you are inviting mozzies into your room.





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El Zaguan (Villa buffet restaurant), opens daily 7-10am, 12.00-2.00pm and 6.00-9.30pm. During the low season (May to September) this buffet may close completely or open on alternate evenings dependent upon occupation levels within the Villa complex; guests will use the services of the hotel buffet restaurant when El Zaguan is closed ~ just a short walk across the Tennis courts to the hotel side.


La Trattoria ~ Italian restaurant open from 6.30pm to 10.30pm x6 nights per week. reservations required


La Trattoria ~ Italian restaurant open from 6.30pm to 10.30pm x6 nights per week. reservations required



Why not join us on our FACEBOOK PAGE - Brisas Guardalavaca Cuba:-   

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